Prof. Gane Samb Lo


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Wecoming words by Prof. Gane Samb Lo
PhD (Paris VI U), Doctorate of Sciences (Cheikh Anta Diop U)

Welcome to this learning platform reserved for my academic teaching.

There you will find two types of courses.

  • Support courses. Along with each course officially offered in a university, I develop a completely virtual version. The face-to-face course takes precedence and is the only one that matters. But the online version is more complete with audios, videos, documents, homework tasks, and interactive tests.

    Although optional, the virtual course is necessarily used for the display of homework tasks and their renderings and the grades management of

  • Virtual academic courses. Some courses offered at specific universities are only delivered virtually. The operation of the platform remains the same.

This academic platform's courses are open only to students who are regularly registered in the concerned universities. A secret code, which is mandatory when registering for this course, is associated with each course. It is made available to the class concerned. Besides, as the course manager, I must validate the registration request and have the possibility to cancel any registration at any time.

However, all courses developed here have free versions which available in the Imhtop center, the access link of which is given in the menu of this site.

Last edit: December 31, 2020

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