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Bienvenue à vous tous

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Message from Professor Gane Samb Lo

I personally welcome you in that web site I devote to all my courses and supervision tasks.

I am a university full rank professor in Mathematics, Probability Theory, Statistics, etc. I have taught and I am still teaching in Universities since 1990, in the following countries : Sénégal, Mali, Nigeria, Togo, Gabon, etc. I expect to extend these activities to other continents, especially through this website.

I already supervised twenty (20) Ph.D. dissertations at least. Many of our trainees' doctors are teaching and working on research projects in the universities. Some of them are working in the government in highly ranked positions or International organizations. It is with pleasure that I continue supervising Master degree and Ph.D. degree dissertations, using French or English

But, before all, I define myself as a learner, a learner who loves sharing anything knowledge he acquires. This pushed me to develop many courses beyond my university fields. I classify those courses as free courses. The sole goal of the free courses is to pass on the knowledge I thought have acquired after plenty of time, at least in some cases. Below is a list of discliplines, not limited to, in which the free courses are related.

  1. Computer Sciences
  2. Langages (English, Arabic, French, etc)
  3. Social knowledge

The free courses on Languages are posted in a special website and are accessible here    

The courses we teach in universities are classified as academic and require an official registration in the concerned universities. Nevertheless, they might be open to a larger public and managed as free courses here.

Globally, the contents of this website are organized into two main categories : (ACADEMIC) et (FREE). Their managements are strictly different. However, the quality of the courses, the spirit, the rigor and the engagement I plugin in them the same.

We try to have, for all courses, two versions : (French and English)

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