IMHOTEP Mathematical Center


Welcome to the International IMHOTEP Mathematical Centre, that is:
A research center including on all sub-disciplines of mathematics, but whose initial core was probability and statistics. But it must become a international mathematical center covering all mathematical sciences. As a research center, it brings together researchers accepting excellence requirements of the center and who are selected for this purpose.
A doctoral training center intended to train PhD level mathematicians of the highest level. The motto of this training can be summed up in two words: no holes and always learn.
A free learning center on all mathematics. The centre's courses cover basic mathematics up to the most advanced branches. The trainings are free, free and open to all. They allow students from all over the world to fill holes in their training and to re-inforce their level. This approach must be very beneficial to regions of the world, Africa in particular, where training is very disturbed.
A mathematical animation center. Seminars or presentations of fundamental theorems are available.
A capacity building center:
  • in scientific computations (R, Python, Visual Basic, SciLab, Java, web languages)
  • English (for French speakers who must necessarily do their research and write their works in English)
Ce centre is named after the name of Imhotep who was a Egyptian mathenmatician. Known as the builder of the first pyramids in Ancient Egypt, in particular the tomb of Djoser. Without any doubt, that man already know the Euclidean geometry (Pyhtagore, Thales theorems, etc.) long before these holders of those theorem were born. Read the page devoted to him.
   The founder of the Imhotep center (2020)  

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